The origins of SynthoTec were in the early 1970’s as the in-house injection moulding department of a UK bearing manufacturer. The company changed ownership in 1990, and there followed a period of growth and consolidation as the UK market leader for plastic bearing cages. Since then, we have continued to develop our market position in West and Central Europe. The success of this policy is shown by the development in 2006/2007 of a second manufacturing plant in Zilina, north Slovakia. Whilst growth and geographical spread are important aspects of meeting customer requirements, our priority remains the consolidation and never ending improvement of our technical capability to meet the cost and quality demands of new and existing customers – Synthotec is first and foremost a technical moulder.

We regard all European countries as our home market, and most of the production from both factories is sold in the EU. Our strategy has been to develop a very high level of technical expertise, within a low cost structure, specialised towards the needs of certain selected customer industries. We believe that this allows us to develop the close understanding of customers which is necessary to give the highest possible quality of product, consistently, at the lowest possible cost. We believe that by working together with customers over time, manufacturing cost can be reduced, looking at both the costs within the production cycle, and also out-of-cycle costs, whilst always retaining the necessary quality standards. We actively promote the highest level of integrity and trust which is necessary in a long term relationship and this is extended to key suppliers as well as customer organisations.