Synthotec UK has recently invested in a new Co-ordinate Measuring Machine which provides us a significant upgrade in capability in measuring and validating products to a very high precision geometric tolerances.

Synthotec products are basically round plastic cages, but that undersells what it is we achieve.  Round components with 3 dimensional spherical forms, with very high precision spacing. On top of that, they are then produced at over a ten thousand/hour of more than 80 million parts per year and in various sizes and materials.  This needs both investment in the capable equipment but the training and development across the team at Synthotec.

Customer recognition of these capabilities continues to be invested in, especially with the ever increasing demands on performance for electric vehicles.  If end customer ‘range fear’ on electric vehicles is to be overcome, then highly efficient components is critical and the development of them ever challenging.

Synthotec is always striving for progress in all areas of operations and is committed to leading the industry in innovation. Keep a look out for more exciting news in the future.