SynthoTec is ready to deliver precision mouldings for almost all types of bearings according to your specification. Our standard range of diameters is from 20 mm to 250 mm, however we can adapt to requirements outside of this range. Other products are not limited to a size range; the only restriction is the weight the of final moulding. We use technology which enables us to produce mouldings weighing from a few grams to over 500 grams.

Generally, we design and produce on multicavity moulding tools – bearing cages up to 16 cavities, and other parts at even higher cavitation. This allows us to offer attractive terms of cost for customers. Each of our machines includes some type of robotic manipulation, which is tailored to the customers’ requirements for packing method. The form of the final packaging and labelling is fully in the hands of the customer. SynthoTec can adapt to any requirement for the method of packaging and delivery of products. The selection of product types is shown below.

  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings
  • Taper Roller Bearings
  • HUB Bearings
  • Elec Vehicle Bearings

  • High Speed Bearings
  • Railway Bearings
  • Other Products

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