Given the unique nature of the products supplied, Synthotec have developed a manufacturing model, which is very lean, and allows the factory to be run continuously for 24 hours per day with extensive use of automation in the factory, delivering World Class Factory performance.

  • OEE >85%

  • External Quality <20PPM

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Industry 4.0

Whilst much to the manufacturing world aspires to be implementing Industry 4.0 technology, Synthotec can boast that it fully operates both factories across all production processes using Industry 4.0 principals.

Real-time is Synthotec’s 100% in house designed manufacturing monitoring system including own software, which seamlessly integrates with our MRP system, creating performance information in “real time”. Although process monitoring systems are available off the shelf, there are a number of limitations with each option available. The company therefore set about creating a system tailored to Synthotec’s manufacturing challenges. This was achieved by connecting the various manufacturing processes in a bespoke manner to generate uniform outputs that, via Synthotec own designed software converts into information used by the MRP system.

Planned and implemented entirely using in-house resources, the company has utilised its multi-discipline skills within the team in, planning, robotics programming, machine maintenance and quality assurance to create a system that satisfied the company needs.

Key Elements of the System:

  • Touch screen monitor on each cell – allows instant input and summary output
  • Factory Dashboard – summarises current state of each cell
  • Machine and manual operations continuously monitored
  • Real-time instant updates to manufacturing schedule
  • Drill-down screens – greater analysis
  • Synthotec real-time – smartphone app

Key Benefits of the System:

  • Machine management and input at machine side instantly
  • Machine status via Dashboards ensures that issues are addressed immediately
  • Instant updates identifies impacts to delivery schedule, allowing optimisation and prioritisation
  • Colour coded process focus – management by exception
  • Post production data feedback automatically to manage future capacities
  • Historical data analysis and reporting
  • Automated material allocation and reordering
  • Smartphone APP allows the whole factory to be monitored from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • All software IP is fully under Synthotec control
  • No annual maintenance or upgrade costs

Injection Moulding Cells/Robotics/Automation

Synthotec principal manufacturing process is injection moulding of engineering polymer materials. mainly glass filled nylons. However there are a number key approaches to this widely used process which ensure that the company maintains its competitive edge.

Key Points:

  • Standardised tooling configuration – Benefits in automation, tool changes, product handling and process setting
  • Use of robots to remove components and placement to pallets stacks – product sorted, counted and orientated
  • Automation handling of pallets and product to final pack – This means the product is zero touch during the process
  • Waste material recycling direct to current production – Zero waste process
  • All products produced using the same method – consistency of process and reduction in variation.
  • High level of process control – Allows each site (30 Cells) to run continuously unmanned for upto 12 hours


The production process is ensured by the latest injection technology. We only use modern injection moulding machines completed by modern technologies. Our lines consist of the latest models of presses (Engel, Battenfeld, Demag …) with additional robotic handling production facilities (ABB, FANUC …). A line is always bespoke designed for the customer project to ensure optimal use of the kit according to customer specifications.

Normally, we handle all types of engineering plastics starting with PA6, PA66, PPA, PA46, PA12, to the highest classes of PEEK series. Equally, however, we can handle other types of engineering plastics. Online monitoring of parameters like OEE is enabling us to monitor the current, real-time effectiveness of manufacturing equipment and to focus on continual improvement of their usage.

Another manufacturing parameters are part of Quality Management systems and general company KPI.


  • In-house tooling design
  • European tooling production resources
  • CAD/Mouldflow capability
  • High performance tooling capable of >10 M lifts

An essential part of the product and manufacturing process performance, Injection Mould tooling is highly specialised, and within the product ranges Synthotec supplies, the capability and output over many cycles is critical in achieving customers final product performance.

SynthoTec has its own design department on each site, which is an effective tool in improving customer service. Experience in the production of plastic injection moulding parts can thus be directly and daily applied to new product design projects in order to optimize production efficiency.

Efficient use of standard purchased parts and high-quality tool steel for functional parts of the mould tools guarantee fast and easy maintenance of the mould tools throughout their lifetime, with many tools demonstrating over 10 Million cycles.

SynthoTec engineers process documentation via APQP process including DFMEA, leading through to first prototype, feedback correction and optimization of mould tools in CAD programs in all common formats (* .dxf, * .dwg, * .igs * .stp, * .step). For the design itself we use software Creo Parametric. As a standard procedure, we ensure a product visualisation and rapid prototyping of the part. According to the complexity of the moulding we also provide Mold Flow product analysis. For manufacture of our mould tools we use high quality standards, primarily from German and Austrian suppliers and steel primarily from Swedish suppliers. For the actual production of mould tools, we use a base of selected qualified European toolmakers with years of experience with these types of products.


Our integrated management system is the backbone of quality management and environmental management. The company is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. Production procedures and controls for individual components are in line with customer requirements and meet the strict requirements of the automotive industry. To measure and control the quality of products we use modern optical and tactile measuring equipment Baty, ZEISS, Mettler-Toledo, Mahr, Mecmesin. The quality assurance staff are regularly trained on the latest measurement procedures, the use of modern measuring equipment and up to date industry requirements. The new products are manufactured according to the agreed APQP plan and approved for production after PPAP documentation approval.

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