Synthotec UK Invests In New CMM

  Synthotec UK has recently invested in a new Co-ordinate Measuring Machine which provides us a significant upgrade in capability in measuring and validating products to a very high precision geometric tolerances. Synthotec products are basically round plastic cages, but that undersells what it is we achieve.  Round components with 3 dimensional spherical forms, with very high precision spacing. On top of that, they are then produced at over a ten thousand/hour of more than [...]

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Synthotec Slovakia Achieves IATF Certification

SynthoTec Slovakia s.r.o has successfully passed the IATF audit and has been awarded a Quality Management System certificate to the standard of IATF 16949:2016 This is great news for SynthoTec as three years of hard work has finally been rewarded for the audit which was passed on June 2022. Related findings and corrective actions have been approved by certification body and IATF certificate has been released officially now. Group Managing Director, Graham Ward said, “We [...]

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Synthotec’s MC1 Cell Surpassing All Objectives

A 3 month review of the recently upgraded MC1 cell has shown that we have not only been hitting all of our objectives, but surpassing them too. The upgraded cell has also been a hit with the users also. The cell was upgraded and has been fully operational since the end of February. We have produced all of the routed product on the machine, an astounding 1,250,000 cages and counting. These are excellent levels of [...]

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How 4th Generation Cell 17 Was Developed

What Makes 4th Generation Cell 17 So Good? With our recent installation of our latest production cell, (Cell 17) at our production facility in Slovakia, we thought we’d share some notes on what made this project something to be proud of and what we’ve got planned in the future with the development & introduction of Cell 18! Back in 2019 Synthotec supported by Kawasaki, developed, and manufactured the 4th generation of fully automated cell for [...]

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Social Media Revamp

Our digital platform is continuing to be revamped with our new Linkedin profile. We plan to use our social media platforms to share news and interesting developments that Synthotec has to offer over the next coming months. It's going to be an area for key networking within our industry and to also give you an insight into the world of Industry 4.0 within plastic moulding. You can check out our revamped Linkedin here. [...]

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New Website Launched.

Welcome to the launch our Synthotecs new website. Synthotec are industry leaders in plastic moulding and innovators in our field. We feel the launch of our new website replicates this. We've highlighted key areas of our operations such as Industry 4.0 which sets our company apart from competition. This is a huge part of our day to day working and allows us to stay on top of the industry. We are also looking to [...]

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