About SynthoTec Group

A 3 month review of the recently upgraded MC1 cell has shown that we have not only been hitting all of our objectives, but surpassing them too. The upgraded cell has also been a hit with the users also.

The cell was upgraded and has been fully operational since the end of February. We have produced all of the routed product on the machine, an astounding 1,250,000 cages and counting. These are excellent levels of performance that the cell is producing.

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness result in 95.8% over the month of April with a typical cycle time improvement achieved of 8% across the whole routed product range.

The Cell is performing at world class levels. The previous cell operated in the low 80% OEE, so we are realizing a capacity benefit of close to 15%.

This 15% along with the 8% in cycle time means we are realising a capacity increase of 20% – 23%.  A very successful project in our view

So what does the future hold?

The success and incredible performance of the MC1 upgrade means we are about to role out a direct copy in our Slovakian factory making our world class performance levels uniform across the whole of Synthotec group.